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Vicki Tucker​
Vicki Tucker

Wow, it is so hard to write about myself, but here goes...  I have always loved art, attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated from NIU.  But does going to an art school make you a good artist?  Not so sure anymore.  I feel that a "good" artist comes from within.  You have to feel it to create it.  I am not a "master" of art, but I have a love of all types of art.  My specialty is mixed media art and mosaics.  I love teaching and seeing my students smile when they themselves create a stunning piece of art of their own.  I don't believe in doing the art for them, but encouraging them to unleash their creative side and just let go.  Everyone has a creative side, we just somtimes lose it as we grow older.  Aritst @ Heart has been my baby, my love, my inspiration.  I love being able to come to work and know that I get to make someone smile.  I am learning art everyday!  Oh, and by the way, my father was a famous wildlife artist, but I can't even draw a duck!


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